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Sylvie De Noose

“To help my clients with possible single-use solutions in the Belgian market is one of the most enjoyable aspects of my job ”

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Science and languages at school

During my secondary studies, I found the different languages, which we had to learn in Belgium as standard, fairly easy to pick up. An advantage of my bilingual education, I guess. My interest in science had already been awakened and my final choice, as there were a lot of nice studies, was not totally unexpected: engineering studies biochemistry with specialization in biotechnology, which I successfully completed. My goal of obtaining a second diploma was gradually being changed by a few other ambitions: travelling to far destinations and buying a sportive motorcycle.

And for that I needed a job ...

Since my internship and their working methods did not really work out, I then took a completely different path and took on a job in the process automation. After some programming and system training in the States, I was able to help automate the production processes on a project basis at a number of customers in Bergen Op Zoom and later in other abroad destinations. A very changing job where I could give courses, talk at conferences and where after a while I did a commercial job, which did suit me. But after many years of service, I did need a new challenge ...


Recently I got the chance to talk to Hitma, and after a number of tests I turned out to have the right profile to take over the customers in Belgium. I would like to continue to hear what is going on at customers, think along with them and offer possible solutions, as in my previous job. It’s a fascinating and innovative world and I am very happy to be able to deepen my knowledge again in biotechnology and the (bio) pharmaceutical industry. The single-use systems offer many advantages for the companies in comparison with the traditional process setups.

In addition to work

My football and motorcycle hobby have made place a few years ago for other things that I like, such as my 2 boys, some renovations. Since 2 years I also volunteer at the parents' council at their school. I will also take up a challenge like a trail or spartacus run with a few friends, combined with a weekend in the Ardennes. We want to get back to travel to get to know other cultures, especially now that the children are starting to realize more. And what I also enjoy is some tasty and varied food!

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