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Robert Timmer
Robert Timmer, algemeen directeur Hitma

Hitma was founded in 1926 as an independent subsidiary of the French company Pont-à-Mousson. In 1989, Hitma became part of the Swedish trading group Indutrade. Indutrade is a group of more than 150 companies in 25 countries in four parts of the world, offering high-quality industrial products.

At present, Hitma is a multifaceted company with four divisions:

In addition we launched more specific online platforms to share our knowledge:

Hitma offers important logistics services by supplying a wide range of technical quality products. In addition, customers can rely on support in the shape of stock control, service and know-how on processes, techniques, products and applications.

Product knowledge and application knowledge
Three factors are essential for the right choice of product: a wide range of quality products, product knowledge and applications knowledge. Hitma has a team of specialists. Each specialist has a thorough knowledge of a product group in combination with specific applications.

Intensive co-operation
Our strength lies in intensive co-operation with both customer and supplier. Hitma can act as your intermediary, one that thinks not only in terms of standard, but also tailor-made solutions. Support facilities also play an important role in the co-operation with our customers.

Venues for training courses
In order to ensure that the solution we offer continues to function optimally, it is important that the people who work with the products are also aware of their ins and outs. For this purpose Hitma offers training opportunities in Uithoorn or on site.

Service and calibration centres
Technical specialists install en service the machines and equipment on site. Superbly equipped workshops and a test area offer you rapid service with regard to repairs and calibration of measuring and regulating instruments. Services which can also be provided on site.

Filtration Laboratory Service
Hitma has an advanced filtration laboratory, specialised in every kind of analysis related to filtration. The facilities offered by this laboratory include oil cleanliness measurements, filterability tests and assessments of material resistance. The filtration laboratory service can also provide on-site support.

Our continuing quest for quality and safety has resulted in ISO9001-2008 and VCA accreditation.

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